Wednesday, 7 March 2012

EDS and Oldham Schools Statementing process

So why did I feel it necessary to Blog about EDS in Oldham?
Because UNLIKE the rest of the Country Oldham WILL NOT Statement a child with any type of Special Educational Needs, if their needs are under 15 hrs of 1-1 supervision per week. This includes mental and Physical Needs.
Schools in Oldham are given funding under a system called Level 3, to provide support in school for any child who needs help, but Statementing is Discouraged. A teacher who has been asked by a parent to Statement their child has to have the idea of a statement application approved by Oldham Metropolitain Borough Council.
If the needs are unlikely to be over 15hrs 1-1 supervision, then a statement through the school will NOT happen.
Parents are then advised that they can apply direct to the council for a statement. The chance of a parental Statement being successful.........NOT GOOD.
This Council is the only one in the UK to refuse legitimate requests for Statementing.
What does this mean for Children in Oldham?
If a child is receiving "level 3" funding at their school, if they leave the area, they will have a copy of their Level 3 funding, but no Statement with which to implement immediate provision of continuing care in a new area.
So Basically if parents have a child who needs Care, no matter how small, they will then have to wait and apply for formal statementing in a new area, leaving them exposed to mismanagement of their particular needs.
A statement is a legal document. A level 3 assessment is NOT a legal Document. A statement is accepted all over the UK, as a legal document. A level 3 Assessment is not legally binding anywhere.
I have 3 children each has EDS. 1 has now completely left the education system, one is at college and one at primary school.
My 19yr old is the Most EDS of us all. He has a Statement. He has had that statement since he was 7yrs old, it is still current, valid, and being acted upon, as he is at College in Preston. His needs are cared for by his College. He does NOT and Never has had 15hrs of 1-1 supervision in his scholastic life. Yet he has a Statement.
My 9 yr old has finally been diagnosed as EDS. He does NOT need 15 hrs of 1-1 supervision at school. He wont get a statement. When he moves on to College or University he will not be able to get the care and support he needs. Getting a statement for a Teenager is hard enough, getting a statement for an older teenager at College.....................? 100% unlikey!!!!
If you live in Oldham, and your child has any type of Special Educational Needs, be it Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, EDS etc, they will get help.
BUT it wont be Legally Binding help, that will follow them from place to place. To get that you have to get a statement from any other Authority in the UK, you wont get it in Oldham.

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